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Snack and Candy Machines available in San FranciscoOur snack and candy machines offer a wide variety of brand name snacks including chips, cookies, breakfast items and soup. It’s no problem to fully customize your vending machines. We can include exactly the kinds of snacks you want from famous name brand favorites to fresh food and new healthy snacks.

Gotta have those chips! We currently carry 12 – 14 flavors of chips at all times. Enjoy all the top sellers Doritos, Cheetos Crunchy, Ruffles Cheddar Sour cream, Frito’s and Lay’s classic. Whether it’s a salty crunch you want or a healthy nutrition choice, Corporate Cuisine has the chip choices that make every day a good one.

And of course, we have delicious candy. We stock each candy machine with 10 to 20 traditional favorites like American classics M &Ms, Skittles, Snickers, KitKat, Starburst, and dozens more. Want a certain candy we don’t already offer? We’ll do our best to get it for you.

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ASSORTED CHIPS Snack Machines products available in the Bay Area
Doritos Cheetos Frito's Lays
Funyuns Baked Lays Kettle Chips Sunchips
Miss Vickies Cool Ranch Chex Mix Cheese It's
Pretzels Dirty Chips BBQ Chips Pop Chips
Candy Machines products available in San Francisco Bay Area ASSORTED CANDY BARS
Snickers Milky Way Hersheys Skittles
3 Musketeers Twix M&M’s Kit Kat
Reeses Pieces Baby Ruth Butterfinger Crunch Bar
Almond Joy Mounds Mr Good Bar Payday
ASSORTED SNACK Snack Machine provider in San Francisco
Pop Tarts Soups Meat Snacks Cookies
Pastries Popcorn Cereals Raisins
Gums Nuts    
We service downtown San Francisco including but not limited to South San Francisco, Burlingame, Redwood City, San Mateo, San Bruno...